Technical Reglament Conformity Certificate

Technical Reglament Conformity Certificate Customs Union:
Excluded certain types of food from the one and only list of the Customs Union.

18 June 2013, on the official website of the Eurasian Economic Commission was published a decision ‘About changes to the one and only list of products subject to obligatory attestation of the Customs Union with the documents, relating to the production, which is a subject of the technical requirements of the Customs Union ‘About security of food’’ (from 11 June 2013).

The decision shall enter into force after 30 days from the date of its publication, it means 18 July 2013.

College of Eurasian Economic Commission prepared a decision in accordance with Chapter 3 of Agreement about the Eurasian Economic Commission of 18 November 2011. According to the decision, 12 of positions (from 35.5 to 35.16) were removed from the list of products subject to obligatory certification or declaration of conformity with technical requires of Customs Union. These positions relate to the production of food, which is subject to the technical regulation "About the security of production of food":

  • naturally roasted coffee, in grain or soluble and products based on it;
  • black and green tea, tea beverages made from plant materials;
  • sugar cane, sugar beets;
  • spices, seasonings, including cumin, cardamom, nutmeg, ginger, cloves etc.;
  • processed vegetables, mushrooms, fruits etc.;
  • sauces, including ketchup, mayonnaise, canned goods etc.;
  • olive oil, soybean, canola and sunflower oil.

The technical regulations of Customs Union to the production of food will come into force 1 July 2013.

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