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Pattern approval certificate of measuring instruments
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Pattern approval certificate of measuring instruments  russia





Pattern approval certificate:

is an official document certifying that the measurement device (the formula) satisfies the requirements of standards and is approved for use in the Russian Federation. The certificate should contain the registration number of the instrument. The certificate is issued with the Annex, which should indicate the area of application, technical and metrological significant margins of uncertainty, the calibration interval and the name of the normative document on which the research was conducted.

When operating in Russia, you need to ensure that your measuring instruments comply with the required regulations. Our pattern approval certificate services can help you to achieve the pattern approval certificate for measuring instruments.

To obtain the Pattern Approval Certificate for Measuring Instruments is necessary for Applicant to have:

  • the power of attorney of the manufacturing company
  • the sample (samples) of the measuring instrument;
  • the complete set of the documentation of company - the manufacturer, attached to the exporting instrument(-s);
  • the description with overview photos

After the improvement of the measuring instrument Gosstandart of Russia (Federal agency on technical regulation and metrology of the Russian Federation) registers the Certificate and includes in the State register. Types and validity of the certificate:
  • A certificate can be for civilian use (plain) or for military purposes and is valid for 5 years.
  • The certificate may be issued to both the producers (for mass production) and the importer.

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