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Russia Hygiene Certificate

Hygienic Certificate (Sanitary Epidemiological Conclusion)

The hygienic certificate confirms conformity of products and services with the sanitary norms and strict observance of the established rules in the process of manufacture, storage, transportation and the sale of products and services.

Hygienic certificate is usually issued for 5 years. In exceptional cases validity term may be reduced (experimental manufacturing of kid's products, new technologies implementation, using non-conventional raw material or components). In such situations conditions of manufacturing have to be defined in the hygienic certificate.

The following types of products are subjected of mandatory hygienic certification:

  • Food products
  • Bottled drinking water; liquor, wine, beer, soft drinks
  • Raw food, food supplements and biologically active additives
  • Goods for children
  • Perfumes, cosmetics.
  • Chemical and petrochemical products for industrial use, domestic chemicals
  • Products which have a contact with people's skin
  • Disinfection products
  • Individual protection means
  • Tobacco products and raw materials
  • Pesticides and agrochemicals

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