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Certifies quality of actually supplied goods and their compliance with contractual terms. A quality certificate contains a profile of goods or confirms their compliance with certain standards or specifications of a delivery order. A certificate of compliance is intended for certification of goods produced by Russian companies or shipped to Russia by an importer-company. A certificate of compliance can be issued for a batch of goods and on a series production. In the former case a certificate is legalized for a company engaged in supplying goods to the Russian market. Its validity varies with terms of a sale contract. In the latter case a foreign manufacturer of supplied goods is both an applicant and a recipient of a certificate. This type of a certificate is valid for a period identified in a certification document. Certification is carried out by our specialists on production premises of a company seeking certification of goods it manufactures. On the basis of results obtained during testing samples of goods in a laboratory an appropriate certificate of series production compliance is issued.

There are cases where GOST certificate is issued when documents like: a hygienic report, a veterinary certificate, fire safety certificate, etc. are available. These all mean that we must receive all these documents for you before.


For products not subjected mandatory certification according to the Russian law, voluntary certification scheme may be applied. Exporters or importers initiate voluntary certification with the aim to formally prove the conformity of their products to the applicable Russian standards, technical norms or recipes. In other words, GOST Certificate of Conformity is a powerful marketing tool to capture Russian customer.

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