GOST Certification
 Russian certification
 Certificate of Conformity
 Norms and Standards in Russia
 Certyfikat bezpieczenstwa pozarowego
 Obligatory and voluntary certification in Russia

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Types of certification schemes:


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Costs and Conditions to obtain:





10 reasons why it is worth to work with us:

  • We are the certification body accredited by the Gosstandart
  • We speak your language
  • We may assign our own experts to audit your company
  • We know very well the russian requirements and the international production standards
  • We guarantee receiving of the certificate in agreed time
  • We will help you to obtain all other permissions / approvals required for certification
  • We are flexible and customer-oriented
  • We will discuss and offer you the best certification schedule according to your needs
  • We will provide you necessary with assistance and support from our Russian offices
  • We are friendly and we will help to solve your problem with pleasure!

  • KCCP truly understands the aim of building a bridge of understanding between the international exporters and the russian customers and bringing them into contact. KKCP GOST procedures are developed to meet the Gosstandart requirements on the one hand and to be user-friendly for the international exporter. We are facilitating international trade and giving you an opportunity to develop your trade with Russia.

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