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CERTIFICATE GOST: Costs and Conditions to obtain.

Price of the service to obtain a certificate depends of several important elements:

  • specifications, type of product and based on available or previously received certificates
  • protocols of research
  • the quantity of goods (the parties, the exact quantity according to the contract)
  • and specific features

Our company offers prices that are the most convenient and reasonable on the market. We will help you determine the specificity of the product, the type of certificate, the expiry date and other.

If you would like to receive more detailed information, cost and time to obtain a certificate for yours product, please fill out the form to request a certificate GOST

Approximate cost of GOST certification with validity for 3 years, GOST is in the range of 600 to 3200 EUR, prices depend on the type of product, the complexity of the production process and the specificity of the product for the document that you are applying to.

Please provide the necessary information:

  • HS Code- Customs tariff code
  • other quality certifications such as ISO, TUV
  • declaration of conformity
  • photo of the product
  • a brief technical description
  • catalog

Price depends on the type of certificate product, the complexity of the production process and the type of the document that you are applying to. Knead well as other certifications such as:

  • GOSTSTROJ Russia
  • Permission to use the RTN in Russia

They are issued for specificity products. Costs for issuing these certificates depends on the number of research and the complicated process of execution

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