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Certificate RTN russia

Certificate of GOSGORTEKHNADZOR - RTN certification.

According to the Russian legislation, industrial safety regulation control is carried out by the Federal executive body - Federal Service of Technological Inspectorate of Russia (former title - Gosgortechnadzor of Russia). That institution is responsible for preparing industrial safety law, elaborating _ official standard sanction acts and standard technical documentation. It also approves regulatory documents related to its competence. Gosgortechnadzor is authorized to coordinate activity of other Federal executive bodies which carry out industrial safety regulation control according to their competence.

Permit of GOSGORTECHNADZOR of Russia is required for the products which are classified as potential dangerous. That certificate confirms that production meets russian standards and norms.

To get RTN permission, complete documentation review must be conducted by accredited Rostechnadzor agency.
That survey included following areas:
Project safety: project, materials and calculation validation.
Service safety: instruction of maintenance and repair, control systems, hydraulics etc.
Environment safety: leak control, electric and ventilation safety etc.

All equipment, including origin and foreign production, used in dangerous industrial environments is a subject of mandatory certification, according to GOST certification rules and procedures. Also permit to use is required. List of equipment which need RTN certificate of GOSGORTEKHNADZOR have to be approved by the RF Government. Based on that list, Gosstandart together with Gosgortechnadzor of Russia make changes in the Nomenclature of products and services, which require obligatory certification.

For imported products, permits for using are issued on the basis of obtained certificates, according to the terms of use of specific equipment.

Certificates and permits do not guarantee safety of operations. Thus, regular inspections may be carried out.

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