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 Certyfikat bezpieczenstwa pozarowego
 Obligatory and voluntary certification in Russia

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Types of certification schemes:


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What may require Russian certification ?

According to the Russian Federation Law, more than 70% of all products which are sold and used in Russia require mandatory certification.This concerns includes both locally produced and imported goods.

Currently there are over 30 federal acts regulating mandatory certification. The list of products which are subjects to mandatory certification is provided in the Resolution of the Government of Russian Federation from 13.08.97, updated in 29.04.02.

Based on this list Gosstandard together with the Russian Customs Committee has enacted the List of Products, which need mandatory certification prior to release onto territory of the RF.

The Russian certification system is regulated by following acts:
  • Consumers rights protection.
  • Standardization acts
  • Regulation of certification process
  • Technical Regulation acts

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