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Exemption Letter

Exemption letter confirms that exported or sold products are not a subject to mandatory GOST R certification in Russia.

There are two kinds of Exemption Letters:

  • Refusal Explanation Letters - the main aim of that document it to prove customs that product doesn't need obligatory certificate.

  • Information Letters (References) - it proves receivers intermediary companies that your product do not need the GOST certificate.

  • The procedure of issuing an Exemption Letter usually takes about 5-7 working days.

    First, the documentation ( for the example: technical descriptions of the products, conditions of delivery to Russia) is being reviewed. Then, the technical documentation of the product is being identified according to the russian classification system. On a base of the result of that elaboration_, experts establish if the product is a subject to obligatory certification or exemption letter is enough.

    Following documents are requred to prepare an Exemption Letter:

    1. The full name of the company with address info
    2. The exact name of the product including names of models and types
    3. The technical documentation or operating documentation with descriptions
    4. The customs tariff code
    5. The contract and the enclosure with all technical descriptions.

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