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Russian Fire Safety Certtificacion

Fire Safety Certificate.

- is the integral part of GOST Certificate of Conformity.

The Fire Safety certification includes: industrial, construction and business products including these imported into Russia (substances and materials, building structures, fire protection equipment, electronic and electro technical goods, their components and equioment, etc.), fire service (fire protection of buildings; fire extinguisher repair and recharging; erection, setting up, maintenance of fire protection systems etc.) Current normative documents determine fire safety requirements, testing and control methods of the product subjected to mandatory fire safety certification.

This certification is carried out to prove thet product or service meets the fire safety requirements. Requirements according fire safety are determined by federal law of the Russian Federation and by technical regulation of the Russian government.

Foreign producers who want to receive fire safety certificate have to deliver the following documents:

  • Registration certificate, tax office registration of the applicant
  • Technical description and characteristics of the products
  • Fire safety parameters tests results protocols (if available)
  • Samples.

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