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Certificate of GOSSTROY

The Gosstroy Certificate is issued for all kinds of construction projects. This certificate proves that these products meet requirements of major normative and technical documents in Russia

Certificate of GOSSTROY is required for every foreign entity who want to to carry out any construction activity, designing or engineering surveying for construction in Russia,

The following products required Gosstroy Certificate:

  • Concrete and reinforced concrete structures
  • Mortar
  • Wood structures
  • Road-building materials
  • Structures made of other materials
  • Roofing, hydro insulation and sealing materials and products
  • Mineral binding materials
  • Window and door frames made of wood, steel, PVC profiles
  • Wall and masonry materials
  • Heat- and sound-insulation materials and products
  • Crushed-stone, gravel and sand for building work

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