Certificate of Russian Maritime Navigation Register

Certificate of Russian Maritime Navigation Register.

This is a certificate that confirms compliance with the Russian Maritime Navigation Register. This Certificate is voluntary, but for the devices that are produced for use on Maritime Register of objects - such certificate is required.

The history of the Russian Maritime Navigation Register is very long. Certification for the development of maritime safety, began with the creation of classification equipment and marine transportation.

Maritime Navigation Register has been created to protect the life and health of people and the environment.

Certification is considered to be a higher degree of confirmation of the quality and most major operating companies, wants to have such a certificate. RMNR Certificate is issued production - machines, means of transport, and the manufacturer or service provider in a specific area - a document which confirms the high quality of the company, confirmed by the studies, which are developed to check the conditions of production.
RMNR is a member of the International Association of Classification Societies.

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