Ekostandard regarding thermal insulation materials.

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Ecological Union, with the support of the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology, as well as experts of large construction companies, development of a national environmental standard SRT LV 1.05.5760-11-1.0 insulating materials.

Ekostandard was created to provide a secure environment for the use of insulating materials. In addition, this standard will help businesses to promote their production significantly due to its quality and environmental performance. Also, due to the standardization of insulation products will be able to differentiate materials depending on the environment of use, a class that will allow consumers to easily find in the market of construction materials. In summary, the introduction of the so-called "ekostandards" allow an additional way to confirm the quality and safety of production, which is on the market.

Work on the standard began with a thorough analysis of existing international environmental standards, as well as the Russian national standards and sanitation. Then adjusted to the realities of Russian standards - climatic conditions, material resources etc.. World practice shows that if production is considered to be environmentally friendly, to be safe, it is above assessed by consumers and is more likely to conquest the market rather than production, which is another kind of confirmation of quality.

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