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  1. Russian ministry expects to complete WTO talks by yr-end.
  2. Russia will have to gradually raise the retirement age to 65 years, Deputy Finance Minister Sergei Shatalov said
  3. Putin: activities of foreign bank branches in Russia should today be restricted.
  4. Energy Resources - Russia to look for oil off Cuban coas.
  5. Technical Regulations About safety of food production.
  6. The important changes concerning the completing the Declaration of Conformity.
  7. The change in the method of presentation of Certificates and the Declarations of conformity.
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RTN permission - required documentation

 TR Certificate
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 Russian Certification Services.
 How much is GOST certificates cost?
 RTN permission - required documentation

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Types of certification schemes:






How much is GOST certificates cost?

RTN permission - required documentation ?

Obtainment Russian RTN permission ?


  • Ekostandard regarding thermal insulation materials

  • The prohibition on the import and export of the production, which contains substances that destroy the ozone layer, on the Customs Union market.

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    RTN permission - required documentation

    The list of documents required for industrial safety assessment and obtainment of an operating permit for technical devices (both domestically and foreign-made). The list of documents is subject to change depending on the product subject.

    • Declaration of Intent bearing the company stamp and signature of the Director.
    • Proxy from the producer (manufacturer).
    • Details of the producer (manufacturer).
    • Description of the technical device, the external appearance, specifications, field of use.
    • Technical documentation (passport, users manual, drawings to design products with specific elements of the material, instructions on assembly, use on assembly) including testing of the method of execution control, duration and period of use, standards and requirements for safe use, order of the technical service, repair and diagnostics.
    • Protocols of the factory testing.
    • Information on the chemical composition and mechanical strength of materials used to manufacture the products.
    • Required Certificate of conformity GOST R or TR certificate
    • Copy of protocol testing and approval.
    • Certificate explosion measures (if necessary, on some technical devices).
    • Foreign certificates.
    • Certified ISO 9000 (in case of presence)
    • Testing protocols independent foreign laboratories (in case of presence).
    • Certificates of acceptance, retention, and packed.
    • Duration data and equipment resources.

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