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The cost of obtaining a certificate in Kazakhstan

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 Certification in Russia
 Russian Certification Services.
 How much is GOST certificates cost?
 The cost of obtaining a certificate in Kazakhstan?

The cost of obtaining a certificate in Kazakhstan
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Types of certification schemes:






How much is GOST certificates cost?

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  • Prohibition of the sale of energy drinks in Russia.

  • New technical regulations that are the subject of the latest CU Commission meeting.

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    We will provide for you all the complicated procedure to obtaining certificates for Kazakhstan.

    In short terms, this is a statement that the goods listed in the Certificate conform to Standards of Republic of Kazakhstan safety and quality requirements. The Kazakhstan certification program covers a wide range of products including cosmetic, food products, toys, textiles, household electrical products and industrial equipment, etc. The conformity with appropriate GOST could be established on basis of:

    • applicant's documents - test reports, ISO 9001 certificate, product specifications, drawings and diagrams etc.;
    • sample testing at the testing lab accredited by Federal Agency on Technical Regulating and Metrology;
    • factory inspection visit performed by certification body experts.

    There are two types of GOST K certificate:

    • A batch certificate which is valid for a certain batch of goods supplied under a certain contract only. It could be issued based on documents and, in certain cases, equipment visual inspection with the purpose of making sure that the actual unit corresponds to the documentation provided by manufacturer. Contrary to a GOST R certificate, GOST K certificates have limited validity (6 or 12 months).
    • Type 1-year certificate. In all the cases such certificate could be issued on basis of factory inspection visit, along with documents submission.

    The GOST-K certificate is required for customs clearance in Russia and for sale and/or marketing within the country. The GOST-K certificate is imported products comply with Kazakhstan standards, quality and safety requirements. Products that are within the scope of the mandatory GOST-K Certification once certified are required to display the registered GOST K sign - license for use the sign mark ( also known as the Mark of Conformity). Our company have been arranging these mandatory certificates since the start of the program. Our staff are experts in the GOST-K certification program and have extensive knowledge of its requirements and its objectives and so can confidently and efficiently help exporters in facilitating trade. K.C.C.P have been arranging these mandatory certificates since the start of the process certificate.

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