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 GOST-TR Certificate of Conformity
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 EAC-R mark in Russia
 EAC stands for Eurasian Conformity
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EAC-R mark in Russia
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Russian ministry expects to complete WTO talks by yr-end.

Gaszprom Russia to cut gas supplies to Ukraine by 25% Mar 3 over unpaid debt.

Putin: activities of foreign bank branches in Russia should today be restricted.

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2012.03.07 Dairy technical regulations in Russia and the Customs Union.

The prohibition on the import and export of the production, which contains substances that destroy the ozone layer, on the Customs Union market.

Regulation on the single mark for products turnover in the market of the Customs union member-states and its usage.

The Customs Union Commission has approved by its Decision from 15.07.2011 No.711 The Graphic representation of the single mark and "Regulation on the single mark for products turnover in the market of the Customs union member-states and its usage". The Graphic view of the single mark for products turnover in the market of the Customs union member-states constitutes of three stylized letters "E", "A" and "C", made graphically with right angles of the same width and height that make up the exact ratio of the square on light or on contrasting background. EAC means Eurasian Conformity. It's worth mentioning, that there was Russia, who has worked on the present single mark view. There was a competition on the best graphic work.

The meaning of the single mark for products turnover is very important. When there is a single mark on the label or in the following documentation, it means, that the product is high quality, has been moped through all procedures of the conformity assessment (attestation), established by the Customs union technical regulations, and meet all requirements of the Customs union technical regulations applicable to these products.

The manufacturers will be able to use the single mark, after the quality of their production will be confirmed by the documents on the researches. The single mark has to be in one colour, not smaller that 5mm and be well recognized and precisely applied on the contrasting surfach.

EAC-R mark in Russia

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