Certification of energy drinks in Russia

Prohibition of the sale of energy drinks in Russia.

At the last meeting of the representatives of the Ministry of Health of the Russian federation, it is proposed to prohibit the sale of energy drinks, or heavily restrict access to this type of product.

Experts say that energy drinks contain harmful substances, and consumed with alcohol, optimize the absorption of harmful substances into the body, it's dangerous especially for the young people. The Russian Duma (the part of the legislative power) discusses the proposal to introduce fines for consuming energy drinks in public places.

It is also said the ban on selling such beverages in stores, and close the energy drinks in pharmacies, as it have been already made in several European countries. Minors are also not have access to energy drinks under penalty of a fine. It was also proposed that the energy drinks will be forced to have a medical certificate, and that those drinks were available only in pharmacies. And if it will be proved that energy drinks are harmful, the whole production will be removed from the market, even one who has obtained licenses and certifications.

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