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Russia stands up for new world without USA

Russian ministry expects to complete WTO talks by yr-end.

Gaszprom Russia to cut gas supplies to Ukraine by 25% Mar 3 over unpaid debt.

Putin: activities of foreign bank branches in Russia should today be restricted.

Russia and India- trade contracts on 10 billon USD

Russia- USA- new agreement probably in April

2010.04.15 Russian ruble is the strongest from 2 years.

First time since the beginning of a financial crisis, on a Stock Exchange in Moscow for one Euro one's paid less than 40 rubles.

Getting stronger of Russian currency was supported by maintaining high price of oil on global markets and positive signals in Russian economy. Since January industrial production have increased by 6% comparing to the beginning of 2009. In the same time oil withdraw had also increased by 3% and gas withdraw by 16,5%.

Andriej Klepacz Deputy of Ministry of economic development predicts that in coming 2-3 years Russian ruble will strengthen by 20 %.

Economy in some of the Russian's area is very primitive - proves examinations provided by Russian Trade-Industrial Chamber.

Experts of a chamber had sent questionnaires to 30 areas in Russia. Answers were standard- mean businesses are withdrawal and processing industry of oil and gas, lutherie, trade, farming and building. Framework of a regional economy are traditional branches, new technology are only a symbolic addition.

More and more areas are taking care of a trade with the countries out of the Commonwealth of Independent States, mainly Asian, less touched by crisis. Government tries also to encourage foreign investors. It works especially in German capital (German companies are registered in 40 % of areas), American (36,7 % of areas) and Swedish (30%). Investors deal mostly with cement, logistics centers, food, building materials and processing industry- especially because of lack of serious competition on Russian market.

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