Declaration of conformity with Technical Regulations TR

Declaration of conformity with Technical Regulations TR

Declaration of conformity with TR regulations it's a document which the manufacturer or supplier of goods confirms compatibility of their products with the technical regulations. Declarations TR in reality do not different from the certificates they are needed the same documents and similar procedure. The only significant difference being that the responsibility for security in the certification process assumes the certification body, in the case of the declaration - the applicant. When it comes to products with a high degree of danger is required certificates. If we are talking about a declaration of compliance with the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union is practically is no different from a declaration of conformity with GOST-R, with the exception of the output document, the Technical Regulations or any of GOST standard.

There are several models of broadcasting declaration of conformity recommended for different types of production.

  • 1d model is proposed for at the lowest estimate hazardous, safety factors are resistant to changes in methods of production and use, for products to be controlled at the stage of introduction into circulation and use.
  • Model 2d, 3d, 4d is proposed where it is difficult to carry out thorough research, even by the same producer and test statistics are very important in the context of security.
  • Model 4d selected when you confirm the compatibility in the process of research and experimentation.
  • Model 5d and 6d is indicated for the production of a high degree of hazard. The choice between the 5d and 6d subject to change indicator is the degree of threat to security in the event of changes the conditions of production and operation.
  • Model 7d is used when we are dealing with a complex product with a high degree of risk and safety risk indicators is highly variable and contingent on changes in the mode of production and operation.
If the seller accepts a declaration of conformity that it is not able to collect evidence of compliance - the model used 5d and 6d.

There is a very convenient opportunity to write the declaration of conformity, namely, without typing props importer. In this case, the statement confirms the most for customs and for the buyer, but it is convenient for the person who accepts such a declaration of conformity, because in the future change the importer at the same time does not involve a change in the declaration of conformity. The declaration of conformity is issue for a specific importer, with all the props also has its advantages, including an importer can independently confirm the compatibility of copies of this document as it becomes full owner of the original.

As mentioned above, the declaration of conformitys are issued only company registered in the Russian Federation or in the case of a manufacturer is a foreign firm - the importer. This is due to, inter alia, from the fact that most of the items on the One leaves it subject to declaration of conformitys are products of mass use:

    Textile materials like:
  • Clothes, garments and knitted goods; Coatings and carpet products machine made; Leather goods, textiles and haberdashery; Felt and non-woven materials; Footwear; Furs and fur products; Leather and leather products; Artificial Feather

  • Packaging materials like:
  • metal; polymer; paper and cardboard; glass; wood; composite materials; textile materials; ceramic.

  • Cosmetic products: but for according to the technical regulations "On safety of cosmetics and perfumery production" the National Registration remains for:
  • Self tanning cosmetics; skin whitening products; - Cosmetics for tattoo; Cosmetics for intimate hygiene; Production for personal protection against the negative impact of the environment; Cosmetics for children; Production for dyeing, bleaching, etc. the hair; Production for the chemical straightening and curling; Production produced with the use of nonmaterial's; Production for depilation; Scrubs, peelings; Hygiene products for mouth hygiene containing fluoride in excess of 15% (in the case of liquid ones 0.05%); Products for the teeth whitening, containing hydrogen peroxide (0,1-6,0%)

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