What is State registration? Which product are subject for State registration? Does my product are subject for State registration? State registration what is a type of the document? How can I to obtain for a State registration?

State registration - a document certifying that the products or goods have passed state registration are registered in the state register and meets the hygienic and sanitary rules adopted in the Russian Federation. Issue a certificate of state registration can only power structure of the Russian Federation, which has special powers. These same organizations - have the right not only to monitor the certification, but also to impose penalties for violations of the uniform requirements.

State registration of products to be introduced in the first production and previously unused chemical, biological substances, and manufactured on their basis, potentially dangerous to humans (except medicines), certain types of products that are potentially dangerous to humans, new food products, materials and products manufactured in the Russian Federation, food, materials and products, the import of which is for the first time on the territory of the Russian Federation.

On products previously subject to sanitary and epidemiological expertise with the issuance of sanitary-epidemiological conclusions, but now is not included in the list of goods subject to state registration, formalized expert opinion confirming compliance with sanitary requirements single customs union.

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