What is Health and Hygiene certificate? Which product are subject for Health and Hygiene certificate? Does my product are subject for Health and Hygiene certificate? Health and Hygiene certificate what is a type of the document? How can I to obtain for Health and Hygiene certificate?

Health and hygiene certificate issued by the specialists of "Standards-group" on the basis of specialized sanitary-epidemiological expertise the sanitary and epidemiological surveillance. This examination establishes conformity or nonconformity facility health and safety standards established by the legislation. Hygienic certificate receives only products which are safe, meet legal requirements and can be used in a particular area of life.

The examination for a certificate is done in several stages. First, the manufacturer or importer of the product applying for Health and hygiene certificate, then a commission of experts determines the amount of required testing and concludes with the customer to pay for a bilateral agreement and expertise, the result of which is to obtain a health certificate for the product. At the second stage, the laboratory testing of the product itself and the examination of the documentation. The third phase includes the conclusion of the expert committee.

That document that gives an estimate of compliance or non-sanitary standards of economic and other activities, environmental factors, goods and services, buildings, structures, equipment, maintenance documentation and regulations

All food, baby items, clothing, and products that are in direct contact with human skin and food - furniture, kitchen appliances, household cleaning products, office supplies, should definitely get health and hygiene certificate.

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