What is TR certificate? Which product are subject for TR certificate? Does my product are subject for TR certificate? TR certificate what is the document? How can I to obtain for TR certificate?

Certificate of compliance with technical regulations - is a permissive document, the date of entry into force of the Federal Law is mandatory certificate confirming the compliance of the products specified in the technical requirement of the regulations.

Certificate of Compliance issued to the applicant certification body and includes information such as name and address of the applicant (manufacturer's products), the name and address of the certification authority that issued the certificate TR; name and information about certified products, and therefore the name of the technical regulations for compliance requirements which was carried out certification of products, equipment or material. Certificate of Conformity TR can be granted for a period of 5 years for serial production, or on a batch of products without indication of the validity period. At the same time from the date of entry into force of this or that technical regulations, products must be certified to confirm compliance with the requirements of TS and then labeled with a mark of the market form of which is set by government decree of the Russian Federation.

In technical regulations regulatory requirements have a direct effect on the entire territory of the Russian Federation and can only be changed by amending the relevant technical regulations.

Not included in technical regulations can not be binding. Technical regulations adopted by the federal law or regulation of the Government of the Russian Federation shall take effect no earlier than six months from the date of its official publication

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