What is the Fire Safety Certificate and does my product are subject for these type of certificate? Where can I to obtain for Fire Safety Certificate? My customer from Russia asking me for Russian Fire Safety Certificate, does is the same like GOST-R certificate? :

Fire safety certificates are the integral part of GOST Certificate of Conformity.?

This certification is important to prove thet product or service meets the fire safety requirements. Requirements according fire safety are determined by technical regulation of the Russian government and by federal law of the Russian Federation.

Certification of particular products is obligatory, becouse the requirements of the Russian authorities with regard to functional safety are strict, as well as the flammability of materials and their physical reaction in the event of fire. Since 2009, a separate TR has existed for fire safety components. The fire safety certificate proves adherence to Russian safety standards and is issued by accredited laboratories, and mostly governmental.

The Fire Safety Certification is necessary, and are often requested by the local authorities, during the certification of industrial facilities

There is a list of products for which fire safety certificates are required:

  • Electrical and electro-technical products (telephones, cables, fridges etc.)
  • Facilities for fire protection, fire fighting and fire detection (i.e. fire extinguishers, fire alarms, , fire brigade hoses)
  • Fire resistant products (i.e. fire damper, fire doors, insulating materials)
  • Materials (roofing material, floor covering, plastics, etc.)
  • Construction materials (i.e. buildings material with fire protection function: cable and air chutes, Windows, doors etc.)
Fire safety certificates validity dates may be different, for example, can be only one batch of products, and can be for 5 years.

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