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 Russian certification GOST

 russian certification GOST
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2012.03.07 Dairy technical regulations in Russia and the Customs Union.

Ekostandard regarding thermal insulation materials

About Gost R Standard to Technical Regulations TR.

Two particular type of tools defines the agreement on technical barriers to trade of the WTO. That states can use for the environment technical regulations and the purposes of protecting consumers and standards. The authorities of the Russian Federation have begun to change Gost standards to Technical regulations, pursuing the objective of harmonizing its legislation with international ones and especially the European.

On January 1st 1995, almost three years since the first application for admission of the newly formed Russian Federation to the GATT agreement, the first widely accepted multilateral agreement to regulate a particular type of non-tariff barrier to free trade, came into effect. The agreement TBT or agreement on technical barriers to trade.

The TBT Agreement deals with defining the regulatory framework for measures that the various signatory states may take in the protection of consumers and the environment on a technical level. Especially with the aim of making these legislation harmonics with the international free trade.

From a commercial point of view role and the practical use of technical compliance are easily categorized as barriers, are undoubtedly important and complex. Exactly for this reason this agreement was rarely used before the dispute settlement body in order to settle a controversy between states on this matter.

The agreement defines two particular types of tools will be defined by agrement. That states can use for the purposes listed above: technical standards and regulations. Both of them are normative documents, which contain requirements for the use of subject treated, both shall establish guidelines for the manufacturer, the exporter, the agent or distributor in relation to a wide range of productions. The main difference between the two documents is that the technical regulation is binding for all productions subject to it, while respecting the standard remains at the discretion of the manufacturer.

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