declaration of conformity

The change in the method of presentation of Certificates and the Declarations of conformity.

The Eurasian Commission introduced new rules that describe a way of showing documentation confirming compliance with the standards of the production of the Customs Union. Recently it was obligated to show the documentation while crossing the border of the Customs Union, now the manufacturer or other international subject may show all the documentation while putting one's product on the market.

The customs officers had to check the documentation immediately when the products from out the Customs Union were crossing the border , the number of certificates verification, testing and verification of the manufacturer, carrier, customer, verification of conformity of production with the standards that apply to this production. Inevitably, such a procedure was very time consuming and considerably sluggish border traffic.

The Eurasian Commission proposed that certificates must be showed only when one's enters production on the market. If the customs authorities had verified compliance documentation for these bodies to lay the whole responsibility for the quality of production, the credibility of the documents, now is the same vendor or manufacturer will be responsible for compliance with these guidelines.

These changes will apply to at least the period of 2012-2015 year. The new rules are intended to facilitate customs procedures, speeding up border traffic, to facilitate access to the market for foreign manufacturers of the Customs Union.

What goes with it, will be accelerated work on a digital certificate, which also make it easier to verify the information contained in the certificates and facilitate the procedure.

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