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 How much is GOST certificates cost?
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How much is GOST certificates cost?

RTN permission - required documentation ?

Obtainment Russian RTN permission ?


2013.03.07 New type of obligatory certificate: CUTR (Custom Union Technical Regulation) certification and declaration system replaced GOST R obligatory approvals by EAC certificates and declarations.

CU TR certificate. Procedures for conformity of the machines and equipment safety requirements of technical regulations of the Customs Union TR TC 010/2011 "On the safety of machinery and equipment".

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How much is GOST certificates cost?

Cost for certificate GOST-R is depend for the type of the product on duration of validity. The cost of a certificate for industrial machinery, depending on the duration and type of certificate,. The price may increase when many products or models are covered by a single certificate. To give you quotation necessary is to obtain information like:

  • HS code- harmonized custom tariff code
  • Technical specification - data sheet - for electrical equipments
  • INCI - composition- for cosmetic and chemical product
  • Composition of product - for food product,
  • Composition of material - for garments
  • Short description the goods - where are use, what for are use and how are use
  • Does the company posses any other certificate of quality like ISO , CE, TUV?
  • Copy of contain contract with Russian Receiver - if you want to obtain for one shipment certificate

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Russian certification services: USA, Canada, Germany, Japan, England, Italy, France, Turkiye, China, South Korea, India, Ukraine
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